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Most of Germany's baker's-dozen growing areas are concentrated within an hour or two of the Greater Frankfurt metropolitan area, close to Cologne, Heidelberg and Stuttgart, as well as Würzburg.

Off the beaten track are those near Jena, Leipzig and Dresden.

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This enables high fruit-sugar levels and extreme ripeness to evolve resulting in delicious tropical fruit flavor nuances: mango, banana, guava, pineapple and sweet citrus and peach.

Given the extremely steep inclines, the Mosel's vines don't shade each other; and, the Devonian slatey soil retains the sun's warmth at night.

Riesling's aggressively long roots penetrate the soil up to nine meters - that's 27 feet or more!

Germany's 13 official wine regions boast some of the country's most beautiful scenery, finest food and best-touted tourist attractions that lucky Expats living here can visit repeatedly without strain.

Envious wine-loving tourists can only cram in what they can of the countless castles; lordly manors; great landscapes and fine cuisine that are natural components of Germany's wine country lifestyle.