gode datingsider Helsingør - Dating sider for unge under 18 Christiansø

Next a sum is given to the Archbishop's brother's son Peder Larsen, as Niels owed him and his step-brothers 26 mark silver 'which their father, Lars Jensen, our brother' lent him so that he could travel to Rome, a journey he apparently had to pay for himself.'Our frænke, Estrid, Mogens Mogensen's wife' was the next person mentioned in the testament.

Since Tage Mus' daughter Marine received a cape also, we can presume that the first mentioned Marine was married to Tage Mus.

His nephew Jens Uf was appointed as the executor of the testament.

Katerine being the last mentioned must be because she is the least prominent, i.e. Jens Andersen af Estrup, ridder, Anders og Lave Jensen angående drabet på disses fader Jens Jensen af Clausholm. Norman Lee Madsen skriver:'Petrus Wf' is mentioned in a document dated March 23, 1416.

Katerine, Mogens Ringsen's wife is the last relative mentioned, and she must be a sister of Jens Uf, because in the testament she is referred to as 'nepte nostre' (our niece), while Jens Uf is referred to as 'nepto nostro' (our nephew), whereas Peder Larsen is referred to as 'fratrueli nostro' (our brother's son). Jens Nielsen af Aunsbjerg har svoret evig stilstand og fred over for hr.

Estrid must have been the daughter of one of Niels Jensen's uncles or aunts, as Niels by this time was pretty old.

April 1816 i Bernstorf Haves Gartnerbolig og Søn af Johan Rudolf K. 'Frænke' was a word used for female relations far removed, and since Estrid is mentioned among nieces and nephews, she must belong to 'inheritance class 4' to which aunts and uncles also belong.