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Investigators in the western German town of Ludwigshafen are still trying to determine the cause of the explosion at the BASF chemical plant.Two people were killed, one remains missing and six were severely injured.Employees still missing The two people known to have died in the accident were both members of BASF's own fire brigade.

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Several witnesses also posted videos on social media in which huge flames and plumes of thick black smoke were seen billowing from the plant.

Following the severe explosion at the BASF chemical plant in Ludwigshafen on Monday, German authorities continued on Tuesday to investigate the cause of the blast which killed at least two people. At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Ludwigshafen fire service chief Peter Friedrich said fire services had not yet been able to reach the site of the accident.

"There's still a thick layer of foam on the pipeline where the explosion happened," Friedrich said, adding that the pipes would have to cool down before the site can be accessed.

Fire Chief Friedrich said the missing person is believed to be in the harbor.

Divers, however, hadn't yet been able to enter the waters.