Is kennenlernen a separable verb

Moreover, word order influences the strength of prohibition, as the following examples show: English has many phrasal or compound verb forms that are somewhat analogous to separable verbs.However, in English the preposition or verbal particle is either an invariable prefix (e.g. give up), without the possibility of grammatically conditioned alternations between the two.The particle cannot be accurately referred to as a prefix because it can be separated from the core verb.

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An adverbial particle can be separated from the verb by intervening words (e.g.

up in the phrasal verb screw up appears after the direct object, things, in the sentence He is always screwing things up).

The following examples are from Hungarian: The verb letesz is separated in the negative sentence.

Affixes in Hungarian are also separated from the verb in imperative and prohibitive moods.

Separable verbs challenge theories of sentence structure because when they are separated, it is not evident how the compositionality of meaning should be understood The first two examples, sentences a and b, contain the "simple" tenses.