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The burgers were cooked to medium by default and, sure enough, my burger was cooked to a very solid medium.I thought the meat lacked a bit in seasoning, but unlike some other places who serve such meat, the all-natural goodness of the meat gave it a nice, clean beef flavor that sometimes lacks in other burgers (where you're getting more grease and grill, as opposed to beef flavor).

The toppings were fresh and flavorful--a very pleasant surprise given that the lettuce and tomato at many hamburger places taste more like an old rag than produce--and they worked to enhance the flavor of the burger overall instead of stealing the show for themselves.

And, although I'm not necessarily a fan of American cheese overall, on this burger it was darn tasty.

In a surprise to nobody, when we tried to eat dinner there on a warm Saturday evening in June, we were greeted with a line extending through the door and nearly halfway down the block.

The new place in town is always unbelievably slammed (especially if you boast of all-natural or organic foods) for the first few months it's open, only to return to normalcy once the next new such place opens up and siphons off the curious crowd.

In fairness, the line moved a bit faster than expected--although this probably had more to do with the fact that a lot of people simply just got out of line and decided to eat elsewhere.