endate Bornholm - Single weinheim

Frankfurt International Airport is only 30 km north of the Bergstraße.From there you can easily reach the Bergstraße by train with a change of train at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, Mainz or Mannheim.

The route mostly follows the modern B3 road (Bundesstraße 3), and goes almost straight from north to south at the spot where the Rhine lowlands meet the western edge of the Odenwald.

The Bergstraße used to include the towns of Leimen, Nussloch, and Wiesloch; however, that area south of Heidelberg lost its charm due to development, so that today Heidelberg is considered to be the end of the Bergstraße.) There are vineyards along the Bergstraße because of a mild climate in the region.

The Hessische Bergstraße (the portion of the Bergstraße in the Bundesland of Hesse) is one of 13 regions for quality wine in Germany.

The Bergstraße crosses 2 German states (Bundesländer): Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

The portion in Hesse (Hessische Bergstraße) runs from Darmstadt to Heppenheim and the portion in Baden (Badische Bergstraße) runs from Laudenbach to Heidelberg.