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Learn why many believe multilevel marketing IS the very definition of 'pyramid scheme', how it's entrenched itself in seemingly innocuous industries, and how you can protect yourself and about 205 are members of the U. Note that over a dozen DSA members listed here fit these categories.If a court convicted them of it, I've tried to note it, but you must presume nothing.", or "[Company]" or "The Truth About [Company]" or "[Company] Exposed! COUNTRY CODES for members of WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations): [AR] = Argentina, [AT ] = Austria, [AU] = Australia, [BE] = Belgium, [BR] = Brazil, [CA] = Canada, [CH] = Switzerland, [CL] = Chile, [CN] = China, [CO] = Colombia, [CR] = Costa Rica, [CZ] = Czech Rep, [DE] = Germany, [DK] = Denmark, [DO] = Dominican Rep, [EC] = Ecuador, [EE] = Estonia, [ES] = Spain, [FI] = Finland, [FR] = France, [GT] = Guatemala, [HK] = Hong Kong, [HN] Honduras, [HR] = Croatia, [HU] = Hungary, [ID] = Indonesia, [IE] = Ireland, [IL] = Israel, [IN] = India, [IT] = Italy, [JP] = Japan, [KR] = S Korea, [LT] = Lithuania, [LV] = Latvia, [MX] = Mexico, [MY] = Malaysia, [NL] = Netherlands, [NO] = Norway, [NZ] = New Zealand, [PA] = Panama, [PE] = Peru, [PH] = Philippines, [PO] = Poland, [PT] = Portugal, [RO] = Romania, [RU] = Russian Fed, [SE] = Sweden, [SG] = Singapore, [SI] = Slovenia, [SV] = El Salvador, [TH] = Thailand, [TR] = Turkey, [TW] = Taiwan, [UA] = Ukraine, [UK] = United Kingdom, [US] = United States, [UY] = Uruguay, [VE] = Venezuela, [ZA] = South Africa / Ethos Environmental Inc / Ecomates 4 the Good Life / Good Life International LLC (product appears to be an afterthought, bad search engine placement) 4Life Research USA LLC [US, AU] / 4Health Direct / Shaperite Concepts (website's medical claims may draw FDA's ire) 5LINX Enterprises Inc ( / Globalinx [US] Advantage Conferences / Advantage Mentoring / All-Star Entrepreneur (sued Dallas BBB after it suspected Advantage of running a pyramid scheme and lost; is closed; All-Star Entrepreneur [] is still active but dated 2002.

Independent contractor sales jobs are often touted as opportunities to build a business and share in the profits - potentially lots. ) I did searches on everything up to "Advantage" just to see how many were still in business, and marked in .

Unfortunately, many of these "business opportunities" are simply devices used by scammers to defraud consumers. The amount of red from that section alone should give you an idea of what the rest of the list might look like if I researched those as well.

/ Oxygen Labs Body Electric Body Extreme Body FX Direct Body Shop at Home, The / Body Shop Direct, The [AU, CA, FR, JP, KR, UK, US] Body Soul Elements Bonneterie Rhone-Alpes-Mikava [FR] Bonofa / Cube 7 Bon Voyage 1000 / Bon Voyage Elite LLC Bookbiz Book Loan Co Ltd [JP] Books and Beyond Inc Bookwise Books Boresha Coffee Borna Blinden-Und Invalidenheim [CH] Boudoir Bliss BOV Intimates BPI Worldwide Brain Garden, The Brankli/AB [CH, SE] Bravo International [DO] Breakfast Club BR Global Inc Bridal Accents Ltd Brightbox Inc Bright Minds - Critical Thinking Brightpeak Financial / Thrivent Financial [US] Britt World Wide Group Brilliant Point SDN BHD [MY] Brite Music Inc Briteage Health Corporation Broad Point Communications Brother Industries Ltd [JP] Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies Brown Bag Party Brunnhages Forlag Ab [SE] B's Purses & Accessories [US] Build Bulletin Board Bundesverband Dirktvertrieb [DE] Burai Bon Co Ltd [JP] Cabouchon International . Earth Angels Earth Essence Earth Pride International Earth Safe & Wellness Technologies Inc.

Please also realize that occasionally two or more completely separate companies may share the same name, so be fair in your research.

Lastly, note that (such as searches on [Company] + "scam") by naming their site or blog or Youtube video "Is [Company] a Scam?


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    Market fragmentation due to differing national or even local rules is identified as an obstacle to the sustainable development and scaling-up of online platforms (both for established market players as well as for new entrants).

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